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You can see the possibility of doing more, but you don’t know if you’re the person to take it on.

You’ve done pretty well. You’re comfortable and not sure you’d want to work that hard. Plus, you know things would change and that feels scary.

Maybe you’ve even contemplated, “What would I even do with more?”

You’re not alone. This conversation plays in the head of every entrepreneur faced with the possibility of creating an impact on a much bigger scale.

A calling has been placed in your heart for a reason. You know it and secretly keep hoping someone else will step up. The truth is, it belongs with you.

This isn’t who you want to be. Playing small. You didn’t come this far to only come this far. You’d never quit on your mission or the people it serves.

Conscious Edge

The advantage that comes from exposing your unconscious drive to self-protect and bringing it into alignment with your conscious desires.

From someone who has trained over 10,000 people in entrepreneurship, please know there’s nothing wrong with you.

You haven’t missed the mark because you’re lazy or not smart.

It’s a matter of survival. Your unconscious mind sees your big dreams and goals as a threat to your existence.

It’s telling you all the bad things so you’ll stay small and hidden for your own protection.

As a Certified Immunity-to-Change Coach, I help entrepreneurs, like you reveal and transform the hidden and REAL reasons there’s never enough time, you think you’re not ready, and you feel tapped out.

What is Immunity to Change (ITC)?

A powerful process of discovery developed by Harvard University faculty Robert Keagan and Lisa Lahey and backed by 30 years of psychology-based research.

In this process you’ll become aware of the correlation between the way you think, feel, and act.

You’ll create understanding and forgiveness for who you are today and a clear picture of who you can become as you engage with the unconscious mind.

Following the simple and systematic steps, you’ll begin to rewire your brain, releasing yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you.

This experience will leave you empowered to continue your journey of self-exploration through all moments in entrepreneurship that test you.

Better Communication. Less Emotionally Triggered. More Satisfied.

Ready to Be the Leader Your Mission Needs.

Want to See What’s Really Getting in Your Way?

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Your privacy is important to us. Here is the link to our Privacy Policy.

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